H2O Scuba Academy

The company is a child of H2O Scuba Instructors Academy from Poland. With a lot of experience and passion rising through years we waned and still want to run a Scuba Academy spreading passion of diving for every one. There is no better place then Camp De Mar, where we have a perfect sea condition to saw a passion of Scuba Diving in our guests hearts. Where fish and octopus are helping us to build the atmosphere of fun and beauty.

We organize courses for everyone. Most of our activities take few hours. This what you can count on is our passion and experience. Our academy provides all needed means and facility, from high quality equipment to classroom and drinking water.

Contact information

Paseo de la Playa 1, Local 3
07160 Camp De Mar
Balearic Islands, Spain
Email: h2oscubabook@gmail.com
Phone numbers:
+34 615 825 489
+48 600 664 279‬
+48 690 908 608